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Looking for the Finest Latin Restaurant

If you want to go out with your family members for a treat, you better find the best Latin restaurant. You want a restaurant that is not only cozy but has affordable food. If you love to order chicken, ribs, and steak, you need those foods to be ready and delicious. You must have heard of the finest restaurant that serves Latin food. You must visit their official website to see all the things they prepare for you. Upon browsing, you will soon realize that they have just opened on Sundays. If you are staying at the 43rd St location, better watch out for all the things they can offer.

You will never forget Los Pollos as a one-of-a-kind restaurant in the city. If you just want to come in for a bite along with your family members and friends, there is no need to look for another resto. The people there are ready to see you. If you want to make bulk orders, they will be happy to serve you. You must check their menu through their website. You may want to order whole chicken, half chicken, or ? of it. The prices of the chicken orders vary in terms of size.

When talking about sides, you may choose among several orders such as pico de gallo, boiled yuca, streamed veggies, salad, black beans, pinto beans, green beans, coleslaw, corn, mashed potato, French fries, maduros, tostone, and tortillas. You can also order white rice and yellow rice. If you want to order family meals, you may have 2 whole chicken orders. Other alternatives include 1 whole chicken and 1 rack ribs. You may also like to have 1 whole chick, 1 rack ribs, and carne asada. All these things belong to the Tex Mex.

For Peruvian delicacies, you may enjoy arroz chaufa, papa a la huancaina, lomo saltado, and arroz con pollo. You may also love to take their sandwiches that include buffalo chicken, cheesesteak, and pulled chicken. You may also have those things in salads, but you must try Santa Fe. If you are looking for wraps, you may enjoy their buffalo chicken with lettuce cheese, tomatoes, buffalo sauce, and ranch. For chicken alone, it will have lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, and dressing. You can also avail of the combos. If you order grilled steak or chicken, those will have 2 sides and a fountain drink.

You will also love them for their kids’ menu. Your kids love to buy mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, drumstick, and chicken quesadilla. For desserts, you want flan and arroz con leche. For sodas, you will enjoy a variety such as can sodas, fruit juice, fountain drink, plastic bottle soda, and glass bottle soda. You may also desire to buy iced tea and bottled water. If you want to have some beer, you may choose to have domestic beer and imported beer. All these things are available at affordable prices. You will find their business hours at their page. You may also contact them on their respective hotlines. You may follow them on Facebook as well.

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